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Proudly Canadian Owned & Operated for Over 40 Years. Strategically Located in Southern Ontario along the 401 Corridor known as the manufacturing Hub for Canada. This allows us to Ship Parts World Wide using Expedited Service when necessary



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High-quality Laser Cut Parts Ready in Days Anywhere in Ontario Canada

High Quality Laser Cutting Completed with our 10Kw Fiber Laser with provide you with a precision part with great edge prep at a fair price.

Woodstock Precision is able to service Ontario with Metal Laser Cutting for parts up to 1.5” Thick.  We are capable of laser cutting various materials which include Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and Bronze, to mention a few.

Our 10Kw Fiber Laser Cutting provides parts with a repeatability of +/- 0.005” Tolerance across our 60” x 120” Dual Pallet Tables.

Laser cutting stainless steel, we can process an entire table up to 1” thick in either 304 or 316. We can also safely and carefully process your high surface finish materials with our vacuum lifting system.  For stainless steel laser cutting any thicknesses under ½” we are confident you won’t find a better priced supplier to process your laser profiled cutting.

Laser cutting Aluminum whether it be 6061 or 5052 you won’t be disappointed as we can process up to 1.25” thick Aluminum.   Laser cutting aluminum profiles below ½” we will prove to be your best option for a supplier.

Our ISO 9001:2015 registration provides you with the confidence that we adhere to strict material traceability to ensure our services meet your quality system requirements to satisfy any customer requirements.

We are also able to easily and safely transfer laser cut profiled parts from our fiber laser directly to our press brake for forming.   If forming isn’t required, but you do require welding, we can satisfy your project requirements with our CWB qualified welding department.

We know quick quotes are important and will do our best to reply to you with a quoted price within a few hours. 

*** Please NOTE *** Due to the unstable material market, our quotes are not valid for more than 24 hours.  It may also take us longer to quote your project based on the ability of us to get current market prices. ***