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Reverse Engineering

Situations sometimes arise where a customer needs OEM replacement parts that are no longer available or are extremely difficult to find. In the past, the customer could have been forced to alter their production processes or even purchase a new machine, resulting in a major expense.

As part of our commitment to solving challenging problems for our customers, Woodstock Precision Machining has developed reverse engineering services that enable us to reproduce replacement parts in a timely and cost-effective manner. All we need is a sample of the worn or broken part and we can produce a replacement part that will perform just like the original.


Reverse Engineering Parts:

Reverse engineering involves the extraction of existing design information and using it to recreate the machine part. When executed properly, the reverse engineering process will produce a high-quality part that performs to the same standards as an OEM replacement part. In many cases, reverse-engineered machine parts are less expensive than the original OEM alternative.


Precise Reverse Engineering Using Advanced Technology

Our reverse engineering services utilize advanced FaroArm technology. FaroArm is a highly intuitive and portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that enables us to perform accurate 3D inspections of the parts you supply us. The FaroArm’s robust scanning capabilities ensure a detailed measurement of the part’s surface form. We use the data obtained from the inspection to replicate the design using CAD drawings and generate a fully functioning part that will meet your performance expectations.

Reverse Engineering Provides Documentation for Future Production

Our reverse engineering services are not just for “one-off” parts production projects. The engineering data we obtain during the FaroArm measuring process is documented with the appropriate tolerances, and quoted in advance for future projects. This enables us to fill a new parts order quickly and efficiently whenever you need it.

We maintain a database containing thousands of custom machine parts drawings that are ready for immediate use. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your production lines will experience minimal disruptions due to an unexpected machine part failure.

Examples of Reverse Engineering Parts Applications

Here is a few real-world of examples of using reverse engineering to create rare or obsolete replacement parts:

  • Redesigning a faulty seal on a piece of heavy machinery by using FaroArm technology to scan and measure the design and record the seal dimensions. This enables the generation of a CAD model that serves as the basis for a complete redesign of the seal, while capturing all the relevant features of the original seal.
  • Assisting smaller manufacturers in developing formal part specifications by using a CMM to determine all critical part dimensions, then calculating the required tolerances and creating a precise drawing with the help of modeling software. This provides a cost-effective solution for companies that do not have blueprints for older parts on file.
  • For companies that utilized older drill forgings that were designed without CAD models, reverse engineering provides a fast, efficient method for modifying and reproducing the existing forgings. This allows the company to quickly reproduce drill bits to spec whenever replacements are needed.

Woodstock Precision Machining is an experienced team that has been providing high-precision machine parts solutions for more than 35 years. As a global machine solutions company, you can find our machines and machine parts in production facilities of all types and sizes in Canada the U.S., and around the world. We can serve the reverse engineering parts needs of companies in a wide range of industries, including general manufacturing, electronics, telecommunications, food processing, and many others.

We are committed to delivering exceptional value to every customer, with the ultimate goal of making your job easier.

The dramatic growth of our reverse engineering services is just one more example of our ability to provide customized machining solutions for our customers. We are experts at developing custom machinery and parts that solve the most challenging problems. We take the time to listen to our customers and assess their needs, then develop and produce a high-quality product that provides a reliable, cost-effective solution.

What’s more, we back our products with the world-class customer support that has been the hallmark of our company since 1980.

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