Woodstock Precision Machining

Woodstock Precision Machining is a single-source provider of complete manufacturing solutions. Headquartered in Woodstock, Ontario we have serviced clients across the forestry, mining, transportation and oil industry for over 30 years. The cornerstone of our growth has been the development of a corporate culture based upon continuous improvement, comprehensive service and technical excellence.


Manufacturing is the bedrock of our organization.

Everything we do up to this point – all the planning, defining, designing, prototyping, testing – is focused on ensuring a product can be manufactured cost-effectively and efficiently. Once transferred into manufacturing, our vertical integration keeps the product in our control with the oversight of our rigorous quality system. Our customers benefit from the dedicated support of design and engineering teams who optimize manufacturing processes, solve problems, and identify ways to improve end-product functionality.


State-of-the-art equipment requires state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Whether it is fabricating, machining, forming, casting, painting, coating or refurbishing, we have the equipment, methods and experience. Our employees have certifications in welding and machining to the highest levels available. With over many years of experience producing state-of-the-art equipment for various applications, Woodstock Precision Machining not only has the experience, but is also continually on the edge of creating new manufacturing methods.

Low-Cost Manufacturing.

The need to remain competitive in the global market place is a major requirement for all of our clients. To this end we have an extensive supply chain that can supply key commodities utilizing a very effective pricing model. Additionally, we have strategic suppliers who can deliver supporting contract manufacturing services to supplement our own service offerings.


Metal fabrication is a very important manufacturing step in creating a finished part. We use a variety of processes to manipulate steel plates and sheet metal, providing you with a turnkey solution to all of your industrial fabrication requirements. We use leading-edge metal fabrication equipment to cut a broad range of material thicknesses. Plus, our advanced production-line logistics help you reduce costs by streamlining production.


If you are looking for expert casting design services or casting manufacturing services, then you have come to the right place. We are one of Woodstock’s best providers of casting engineering services and have been providing expert casting services to customers for over 30 years. Our casting design and manufacturing team design and manufacture complex shapes with the aid of the latest casting software tools and casting technologies.


Metal forming takes a raw metal (usually in sheet metal form) and mechanically manipulates it into a desired shape. It allows for higher strength, ductility, and workability for additional fabrications. By taking our Cold Headed Product, or even product provided by our customer, we can utilize our specialized Punch Press Metal Forming equipment and techniques to bend, flatten, pierce, or crimp metal parts. We are capable of bending and forming parts with multiple angles and radii. All our processes are designed to achieve quality finished products with one company. The engineered design is based upon each application and the customer’s specifications.


To ensure unparalleled quality of products matching customer requirements in respect of mechanical properties and appearance characteristics, Woodstock Precision Machining provides complex finish coating and painting solutions for its products. Equipped with full-size paint spray chamber assembled to the latest technological developments in paint coating, we devise integrated painting and coating solutions for clients and top industries.


Our tool-less cutting capabilities allow us incorporate a broader range of challenging materials with optimal results. Our cutting edge equipment enable us to produce short and long-run quantities depending on our customers’ needs. From making prototypes on our tool-less cutters to manufacturing quantities cost effectively, our facilities can meet all your requests, no matter how specialized. We operate the latest cutting technology, with High Definition Plasma, Laser and Oxy-Fuel cutting second to none within the industry.


Over the years our team has grown and developed into one of the leading welding companies in Woodstock. Our clients appreciate the fact that our welds are clean and uncontaminated, show minimal discoloration and are fully traceable – we can also generate detailed documentation for each and every weld we produce. We provide a diverse range of services to a variety of industries and sectors such oil and gas, mining, forestry, etc.


Welding, machining, milling, and cold working all induce stresses within materials. These stresses will cause unstable dimensional control downstream if not relieved thermally. Stress relieving is typically done after rough machining, before final machining. Our stress relieving service produces bright, clean surface finishes.


Our machining workshops offer C.N.C. machining, roll reclamation engineering and much more. And if you need engineering work or plant repairs on site, our mobile machining and fitting engineers can come to you. Our workshops are well equipped with state of the art machinery.


We offer you highly consistent assembly services for every stage of your process – from prototyping and proof-of-concept, right through to full production. Plus, our specialized automation engineering design team offers you full assembly and commissioning, enabling you to: 

Ensure consistency and precision by leveraging our best-in-class assembly technologies, processes and personnel for every stage of your manufacturing process.

Benefit from the latest approaches to assembly as our experts routinely adopt new ideas to improve efficiency, quality and delivery.

Enjoy detailed quality control at every stage of your project.


Our performance affects your performance — that is why Woodstock Precision Machining is fully committed to deliver on time, every time. We are responsive problem solvers who rely on proven practices, innovative processes and experienced personnel to reduce wastage of time and resources. Strong communication from our engineers and plant floor to your dock and assembly line puts us in close touch with your needs, now and in the future.


Woodstock Precision Machining is a full-service manufacturing firm specializing in custom parts. We can take responsibility for every aspect of the project, from design through machining to assembly, to ensure that products and systems are brought to market faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

With a strong background in service, logistics, and development, Woodstock Precision Machining can provide a full range of services that can take your project from a napkin sketch to a finished product that is being shipped worldwide. We can even support ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing, warehousing, and logistic services. Most services can be provided in house, but we can also provide agency style services and coordinate with outside companies to consolidate and simplify the manufacturing process.

Keeping all stages of the manufacture process with our company will reduce production time. This is because once production starts, every phase in the process is ready set and scheduled. All coordination and communication is streamlined to a proven system and managed by our professional team. .

In addition, our full service capabilities are coordinated by skilled personnel, using state of the art equipment, all located under “one-roof”. This maximizes our ability to manage projects, resolve problems and coordinate manufacturing tasks within and across divisions to get our customer’s products approved and to market as expeditiously as possible.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Our expert contract manufacturing services are designed to deliver added value with fast turnaround times and extensive assembly capabilities. We combine world-class, “single point of contact” project management with proven processes and procedures and offer analytical and process development support at all stages of product development and manufacture.

Our contract manufacturing capabilities and vast experience make Woodstock Precision Machining an ideal partner for outsourcing. Outsourcing to us helps you achieve sales goals faster and accelerate technology transfers into routine manufacturing. We build business partnerships where we become an active player in the success of your business.

Whether you require custom-made solutions or affordable routine production, we can help you meet regulatory compliance, lower your capital investment and keep costs manageable. We create cost effective contract manufacturing solutions that increase your flexibility and contribute to your overall profitability. Leveraging our core competencies keeps your human resource expenses low.

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