Metal Forming – CNC

Metal Forming in Ontario Canada

Woodstock Precision has made investments to efficiently and accurately perform forming operations on steel, aluminum and stainless steel. 

Our single operator vacuum lifting system allow us to process material on our new 300 Ton 3D CNC Controlled Multi-Axis Brake Press.  

We can perform metal bends across 12 feet depending on material thickness.   We are always adding to our tool selection which enables us to have the right tools for the right job.  Our CNC machining expertise allow us to easily produce and modify tooling for those tricky custom jobs. 

By utilizing the latest in 3D CNC Bending, along with our Single Operator Material handling we should be able to provide you with some of the most competitive prices for your part needs in Ontario.

Our New 10Kw Fiber Laser allows us to process profile cuts and preforming bending as a single source supplier.

Our ISO 9001:2025 Quality systems is utilized to ensure your parts are made and measured to the print specification.  We have a 3.5m CMM Hexagon Roamer Arm with Scanning, our CNC controlled Mitutoyo CMM and numerous calibrated measuring devices to ensure your parts meet your needs.